Configure Networking

Configure Calico networking options, including overlay, non-overlay, BGP, service advertisement, MTU, NAT, and using kube-proxy in IPVS mode.

Configure BGP peering with full mesh, node-specific peering, ToR, and/or Calico route reflectors.

Configure Calico to use IP in IP or VXLAN overlay networking so the underlying network doesn’t need to understand pod addresses.

Configure Calico to advertise Kubernetes service cluster IPs and external IPs outside the cluster using BGP.

Optimize network performance for workloads by configuring the MTU in Calico to best suit your underlying network.

Configure networking to perform outbound NAT for connections from pods to outside of the cluster.

Use IPVS kube-proxy for performance improvements.

Use Calico to accelerate network performance of traffic through the Istio Envoy sidecar using eBPF.

Specify the MAC address for a pod instead of allowing the operating system to assign one