Optional command line interface (CLI) to manage Calico resources.

The calicoctl CLI tool allows management of Calico API resources, and can be used to perform other administrative tasks for managing a Calico installation.

You can use kubectl to manage Calico resources instead by installing the Calico API server.

The command line interface tool (CLI) to manage Calico network and security policy.

Command to create a policy.

Command to replace an existing policy with a different one.

Command to apply a policy.

Command to delete a policy.

Command to list policies in the default output format.

Command to update a node with a patch.

Command to change labels for workload endpoints or nodes.

Command to convert contents of policy.yaml to v3 policy.

calicoctl IPAM commands for Calico-assigned IP addresses.

calicoctl node commands.

calicoctl datastore commands.

Command to display the calicoctl CLI version.